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About Us

Our team of fashion experts have over 30 years of diverse experience in designing and styling our clients to enhance their personal image of self-expression. Every person is unique and we believe that every body type and lifestyle deserves a custom Conxeppt to elevate their look.

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Conxeppt Clothing

Conxeppt Culture Shop

Our Conxeppt is more than just a custom suit, or a piece of casual clothing. Our culture is a way of life, one where anything is possible. A mix of classic & modern styles, bridging together rare designer accessories, custom clothing, sneakers and art.

Our love for fashion transcends every generation and speaks to a variety of different era’s and cultures, we want you to express yourself and to show us your Conxeppt.

Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the people wearing them will. Your wardrobe introduces you way before you speak your mind, tell us about your dreams and we will create the clothes to make them a reality. Success is a mindset, the way you look and feel determines your capacity to produce, book your complimentary style session today.

Our Material

where our fabric comes from

Conxeppt sources the highest quality European, South American, and Asian fabrics, with thousands of patterns from all color spectrums. We simply use the best material to personalize your individual look and style.

  • Link Complimentary style consultation
  • Gavel Ethically sourced
  • User Style Sessions + Personalized Shopping
  • Plane Vintage Designer Accessories
  • Rocket Designed in North America
  • Cog Art Collection
Conxeppt Clothing

Fall 2018

All our Conxeppts are designed in house with you in mind. Classic pieces, modern fitting made-to-measure suits. We create suits that will make you stand out while expressing your personal style. Our Blinders Collection is a blend of Vintage 1920’s dark colors mixing grey, steel blue and shades of black & charcoal.

Conxeppt Clothing

Our Style

  • Formal and Casual
  • Custom made-to-measure suits, shirts, pants and shoes
  • Thousands of different styles
  • Streetwear
  • Located in downtown Edmonton
  • Custom Tailored suits starting at $850
  • Custom Tailored dress shirts starting at $150
Conxeppt Clothing

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  • 780-994-9402
  • info@conxeppt.com
  • 7345 104 St Edmonton, AB